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Ask These Important Questions When Shopping For A Used Semi Truck

When you work as a truck owner-operator, exploring the used market can save you a significant amount of money when it's time to upgrade your semi. While browsing classified listings on the Internet might seem enticing, it's better to direct your attention to the reputable dealers in your city that specialize in used semi trucks. They'll stand behind their sales and you can feel more confident taking this buying approach than buying from a stranger online. Any reputable dealer will provide you with a wide range of information about the semi trucks you're considering, but it's important to get as many details as possible by also asking questions as you browse. Here are some things to ask.

Can You Show Me A Maintenance Schedule?

You'll feel much more secure buying a semi truck with a detailed maintenance schedule than one without it. Your dealer should have no trouble providing you with this information, which will allow you to confirm that the semi truck has been serviced regularly. Look for a list of the truck's oil changes, brake jobs, fluid flushes and other regular maintenance tasks. Confirming this information will minimize the risk that you'll run into an expensive breakdown soon after you buy the truck and begin using it.

In Which States Has The Truck Primarily Been Operated?

While some semi trucks are driven across the country and even throughout North America, others spend much of their lives on shorter runs in one or a few states. It's useful to determine this information because you'll have an idea of the conditions in which the truck has spent most of its time. For example, if it's primarily been operated in a northern state, you'll want to be sure that the previous owner has had rustproofing spray applied annually to protect the undercarriage from rust and salt damage.

Do You Offer A Third-Party Warranty?

When you're shopping for a used semi truck, there's a strong possibility that the original manufacturer's warranty will be expired. In many cases, however, you'll find that reputable retailers offer warranties on used vehicles through a third party. See if it's possible to obtain a warranty on the powertrain, at minimum. You should also ask how easy it is to file a warranty claim. This is especially important if you're shopping out of state for the semi truck and you'd rather take it to a licensed garage near where you live instead of have to return to the state of purchase.

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