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Car Giving You Trouble? Signs Your Driveshaft Might Be Shot

The driveshaft is a cylindrical shaft that moves the torque from your engine through to your wheels. It's that energy that gets your car moving forward and keeps it moving. When your driveshaft fails, your car fails too. That's why it's crucial that you maintain your driveshaft. Luckily, your driveshaft will give you some warning signs when it's about to fail. If you pay attention to those warning signs, you can get the problem fixed before you suffer a complete malfunction. Here are a couple of ways you can tell if your driveshaft is on its way out.

Strange Noises

When your driveshaft is in the initial stages of failure, you'll start hearing unusual noises coming from the underside of your car. This is particularly true if the bushings or bearings are the culprits behind the breakdown. The bushings and bearings allow the driveshaft to rotate properly. When they wear out, the driveshaft can't rotate. When that happens, you'll start hearing grinding, clunking, or rattling from the undercarriage. If you continue to drive your car after the sounds begin, you could destroy the driveshaft – which means you'll need a whole new one installed – and you could cause other costly damage to your car. To protect your car, and your wallet, take your car to a mechanic as soon as you start hearing strange noises coming from the undercarriage.

Abnormal Vibrations

The driveshaft on your car is a finely tuned piece of equipment. It is balanced to work in unison with your car. If you have a custom driveshaft, it's been designed specifically for your automotive requirements. When your driveshaft is in balance, and operating at peak performance, you won't notice any vibration or movement from the undercarriage at all. However, once your driveshaft begins to experience problems, it will fall out of balance. When that happens, you'll start noticing abnormal vibrations from under your car. If your car has begun to experience significant vibration, you need to have it looked at by a mechanic as soon as possible. Excessive vibration can cause abnormal wear and tear on the drivetrain, which can lead to additional mechanical problems for your car.

If your driveshaft is not functioning properly, you need to have the problem taken care of as soon as possible. The information provided here will help you identify potential problems with your driveshaft. If you have other questions or concerns, be sure to speak to your mechanic, like Jons Shafts and Stuff.