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Three Reasons Why It's A Good Idea To Have A Rent-A-Car Rider On Your Car Insurance

There are so many little add-ons you can add to your car insurance now. Some of them you may never use, while others are very useful indeed. For example, a rent-a-car rider on your insurance is probably one of the most useful things, especially if you drive broken-down "beater" cars and find yourself on the side of the road frequently. Here are some reasons why it is good to add this rider to your insurance.

You Get to Test-Drive a Nice, Newer Car While Yours Is in the Shop

As long as your vehicle has to be towed into a shop for repairs, you may be able to use this insurance rider to test-drive a nice, newer vehicle. Usually, your car insurance will pick the rental car provider, or they will refer you to a mechanic that offers "loaner" cars for rent while your vehicle is being repaired. However your insurance handles this situation, you still get to drive a nicer car than the one you own.

You Will Have a Car to Drive for up to a Month (Depending on the Terms of Your Insurance Rider)

Many car insurance companies that offer a rent-a-car rider also offer reimbursement for up to a month's worth of rental car fees. That means if your accident places your vehicle in a shop that says it will take weeks to fix all of the damage, you could be driving a rental to get around for almost all of that time. This definitely helps when you need to commute to work and you are not part of a carpool. While you may be required to pay the rental fees up front, the insurance company typically reimburses your expenses quickly, usually after you upload and submit a photo of the final bill. The final bill should also be clearly stamped "PAID" when you submit it.

Your Car Insurance Typically Covers a Pre-Approved Rental 

Worried that a rental might end up damaged or dinged but you cannot afford the rental company's daily insurance? As part of most car insurance plans, a rent-a-car rider in conjunction with your own car insurance typically covers any and all unintentional damage done to the rental. While it is a good idea to avoid filing a double claim against your car insurance for your wrecked or out-of-order vehicle and a damaged rental in the same month, it is still nice to know that you are probably covered. (Check the terms of your insurance first, if there are any questions about coverage.)

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