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Removing A Dent From Your Vehicle's Body With Help From Temperature

If you had a mishap occur where your vehicle had scraped a guard rail, tree, post, or even another vehicle while you were driving, you will most likely want to deal with any alterations to the body appropriately to improve its appearance. If the damage is not extensive, you may have decided to forego an insurance claim in an attempt to avoid the raising of rates. A small dent in your fender, hood, or door, may be able to be removed on your own with help from hot and cold temperatures. Here are some steps you can use on your own in an attempt to remove a small dent from your vehicle.

Materials You Will Need

  • Hair dryer
  • Aluminum foil
  • Painter's tape
  • Chunk of dry ice
  • Insulated gloves

Heat The Dented Area For Several Minutes

Place a piece of aluminum foil over the dented portion of your vehicle and secure it in place with painter's tape. This will help protect your vehicle's paint job from melting when you heat the metal. Use a hair dryer set on a medium setting to heat the aluminum foil. Keep the nozzle of the apparatus a few inches from the foil to avoid scraping the metal in the process. Move the hair dryer back and forth as you heat the foil. Do this for several minutes or until the foil feels warm when you touch it.

Add Coolness To The Affected Area

Next, a cold temperature level needs to be applied directly to the dented area. Put on a pair of insulated gloves to protect your skin during this process. Hold a dry ice chunk in a gloved hand and rub it gently on the aluminum foil. The change in temperature from hot to cold will cause the dent to push outward. You will know if the procedure was successful if you hear a popping sound.

Continue The Process A Few Times

If the metal does not go back to its original positioning after the ice has rubbed over the foil for several minutes, go back to heating the foil with the hair dryer once again. You can repeat the process of hot to cold a few times. If this process does not work, consider bringing the vehicle to a body shop to be analyzed for repair work. You may need to have an auto filling agent applied in the dent so your vehicle gets the aesthetic appearance you desire. Click here for more information.