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Heading Out For A Road Trip? Don't Forget These Valuable Automotive-Related Items

The open road is calling your name, you have a few days off of work, and nowhere to be. So why not just jump in your car and see where the road takes you? Even though road trips at the spur of the moment can always be a lot of fun, being a stranded, unprepared driver never is. Before you pack a bag and hit the door, make sure you have these automotive-related items tucked away in your trunk or tool box just in case something goes wrong.

A Tire-Plugging Kit - You have your spare on hand, so in case of a flat, you should be covered, right? Unfortunately, this is the train of thought that gets drivers in trouble sometimes. You may have a spare, but what if more than one of your tires is damaged or you suddenly discover (after replacing a bad tire with a spare) that your spare itself has a hole in it. A tire plugging kit contains tire plugs and a few tools you can use to actually plug a hole in a tire, which basically involves shoving a rubber piece through the abrasion to seal it off. This will hold in place for quite some time, but the most important thing is, it will hold you over until you can get to a tire shop

A Gallon of Antifreeze - Coolant leaks can and do happen, and these kind of leaks have a tendency to happen during a long driving trip when you least expect it. A car in the summer running without coolant is a sure way to end up with an overheated, blown motor, so keeping extra coolant on hand during a summer road trip is a wide decision. 

A Quart of Oil - Continuing to drive when the oil is low in your car can cause severe damage to the lifters and pistons and may leave your vehicle permanently disabled. While oil leaks are rare, they can happen, especially with older cars. Therefore, having an extra quart of oil on hand before a trip is always a good idea.

A Pair of Jumper Cables - In the event your battery dies, it will likely be when you have stopped for the night or stopped for some food or fuel. Having a pair of jumper cables on hand will give you a way to get your battery charged enough to get you back on the road. You can also invest in a portable power box, which houses just enough charge to give your battery a quick boost without the need for another running vehicle.