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Repair A Truck Door That Has Chipped Paint On Its Surface

If flecks of paint have chipped from your truck's passenger door after hitting another vehicle in a minor traffic accident, sand the door's surface and use primer and automotive paint to touch up the damaged portions by completing the repair project below. Once you have finished, apply a clear gel compound to assist with blending the new paint so that the door has a uniform appearance.

Materials Needed

  • sponge
  • automotive detergent
  • garden hose
  • bucket
  • handheld scrubbing tool
  • sanding block
  • sandpaper
  • tack cloth
  • touch up primer pen
  • touch up paint pen
  • clear gel compound (designed for use on painted metal)
  • buffing cloths

Remove Dirt From The Door And Sand The Damaged Areas

Use soapy water and a sponge to remove dirt from the door's exterior. If hardened residue will not come off of the door with a sponge, loosen and remove it with a handheld scrubbing tool. Rinse the soapy film from the door with plain water and wait for the metal to dry. Use a sanding block that has a piece of fine grit sandpaper wrapped around it to even out uneven surfaces on the door's exterior. Once the surface of the metal feels smooth, wipe away sanding residue with a tack cloth.

Cover Bare Metal With Primer And Automotive Paint

Shake a primer pen to mix the contents inside of it. Press the tip of the pen against the bare metal in order to release the primer from the barrel. Move the pen's tip in straight lines to cover each area that was sanded. Wait for the primer to dry. Mix the contents in an automotive touch up pen in the same manner as the primer.

Apply an even coat of touch up paint over the dried primer. Afterwards, wait plenty of time for the paint to dry before adding a second coat to the door's surface. Once the second coat has dried, determine if the color of the paint matches the rest of the paint on the door. If so, move on to the next step. If not, add a third coat of paint.

Buff The Door's Surface

Pour a small amount of clear gel compound that is designed for use on metal onto a buffing cloth. Move the cloth in swirling motions over the freshly-painted areas while pressing down on the back of the cloth. Once the gel compound has a cloudy appearance, remove it from the metal with a fresh cloth. The compound will blend the fresh paint with the original paint. 

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