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Keeping Your Diesel Trucks From Breaking Down

Having a diesel truck break down can be very expensive and can slow down the speed at which your products are able to reach your customers. For this reason, it is essential that your company take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that your diesel truck does not break down.

Get An Extended Warranty

Always purchase a diesel truck with an extended warranty. This is the most effective way to make sure that all of your trucks are covered for a longer period of time, saving your company money if your trucks do break down. Extended warranties can also be tailored to fit the specific needs of a business.

Use Preventative Maintenance Software

Use preventative maintenance software programs to make sure that your diesel trucks are serviced at the appropriate intervals. These programs send automated notifications to remind you of when your truck will need to be serviced. Usually, these programs will allow for you to enter in the OEM's recommended interval. However, more frequent maintenance cycles may be necessary if your asset as a severe duty cycle. PM software will also often provide the option of deferring a maintenance task so that the task can be set as a pending operation that will then be completed later. Maintaining an adequate maintenance schedule is the most effective way to make sure that a truck remains in operation. Replacing a tire that has worn out is much less expensive than repairing a truck after the tire has blown out.

Train Your Drivers To Engage In Preventative Maintenance

It isn't just the responsibility of the maintenance department to make sure that your diesel trucks are functioning properly; it is also the responsibility of your drivers. They are in the truck everyday and can perform important tests such as checking fluid levels and the tires. Make sure that your drivers are trained to adequately fulfill their roles as drivers.

Bundle Services Together

To keep costs low, bundle as many services together as possible. Using a preventative maintenance software program, look at areas that need to be serviced in the near future and try to have them serviced on the same date. This will allow you to minimize the amount of time that your truck will be out of service.

Replace Critical Parts Early

Make sure that all critical parts are replaced early. Even if there is plenty of time between now and when the manufacturer recommends that a critical part be replaced, if you have a critical part replaced early, this will minimize the chances that your diesel truck experiences a catastrophic breakdown.

For more tips on getting the most out of your diesel trucks, contact a diesel mechanic.