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3 Reasons To Get A Car Dent Removed By A Professional

Are you going to attempt removing the dents that were left in your car after a collision? You must understand that removing dents from aluminum can lead to even more damage if the task is not done right. It is in your best interest to take your vehicle to a professional to remove the dents on your behalf. In this article, you will learn about a few of the things that are involved with removing dents from the aluminum on a car.

1. The Right Amount of Heat Will Be Used

When it comes to removing the dent out of aluminum, heat must be used for the task. For example, heat is applied in order to make the metal soft and easy to manipulate. The important thing about using heat on aluminum is that the right temperature must be used. If you were to apply a temperature that is too hot, it can lead to the metal remaining soft, which could also cause a hole to develop. A professional will know the exact temperature to use on the body of your car to prevent unrepairable damage.

2. Stud Welding Will Be Done to Lift Up the Dent

If you intend on using flash welding equipment to repair the damage aluminum, you might not get satisfactory results. A professional will use the technique of stud welding, which will make repairing the dent a lot easier. Basically, a few metal studs will be welded in the area of the dent so they can become attached. Pulling loops will be threaded into the studs before the aluminum is heated up so the dent can be pulled out. After the dent is out, the protruding parts of the studs will be removed with side cutters to create a smooth surface.

3. New Paint Will Be Applied to the Repaired Area

After the area where the dent was removed is smooth, fresh paint will be applied. A professional will be able to apply a paint color that matches the paint that is already on your vehicle. He or she will first sand down the damaged areas and apply a primer before the paint is applied. You can expect your car to look as though the dent was never there after it is repaired by a professional. Take your car to a professional to find out how soon the dent can be repaired in the body of your car.

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